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Our Features

Through behavioral and platform analysis we detect...


Automation software used to mimic a player's actions.


Software that manipulates game state to gain an advantage.


Flooding in-game chat channels with advertisements for external websites.

Behavioral Analysis

Bot Behavior

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We identify patterns in player behavior. Through statistical analysis of user input we detect the use of software to automate player actions or gain a competitive advantage.

When represented in different formats, there are identifiable behavioral differences between real players and botters, hackers, and spammers. Our innovative approach uses statistical analysis to transform user input and reveal the underlying source.

Player Behavior

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Keyboard Input is the primary way the user interacts with a game. The distribution of key presses, as visualized by the heatmap, is one type of analysis the keyboard is ideal for.

When legitimate keyboard input is compared to a bots, the results can vary significantly. Spam and bot input is often pattern-oriented, indicating scripted input. More complex programs that directly inject input into a game process will often have a cold heatmap with no key presses, another telltale sign.

Mouse Input is an unexplored opportunity for behavioral analysis. Tracking mouse input through a game provides unique insight into player and game interaction.

Players move their mouse, a lot. The erratic mouse movements of players aren't something that can be scripted. We are developing new techniques to use mouse input to characterize players and detect abnormal behavior.

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